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Hot Chocolate - Haidji - Short Story - Excerpt

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Hot Chocolate

Lisa was reading a page of a book, sitting over her bed, and suddenly she was sitting on the sand of a foreign beach, as the melody started again… repetitive, entering into her dreams…and suddenly, Lisa saw herself turning, dancing, dizzy, waking up…
The iPhone alarm…the sound of waves…
After delaying the alarm four or five times, it was not easy for Lisa to inch herself out of her dreams.  Standing up from the paradise usually known as “Bed in the Morning”, Lisa finally made her way to the bathroom.
There was no time for her usual make-up.
No time to chose the right dress for this day.
Waking up…late to work…looking into the mirror, Lisa thought too loudly and words came out of her mouth:
“OMG - why do we all look like angels while we are sleeping and like monsters when we wake up?   I need make-up…I will be late, but I really need it.”
Lisa spent ten unnecessary minutes in front of the mirror, trying to not look like a zombie.   Lisa would never look like a zombie, but waking up from our dreams into our daily lives makes us see things much more badly than they really are, and mostly this starts with our own mirror image.  We try to fix what doesn’t really need to be fixed.  Waste of time or not, it depends on the circumstances…anyway; she started to feel better as the mascara dried, defining her eyelashes.
Out of Paradise, into daily life, Lisa stopped at Starbucks on her way to work.  Wearing high heels and a simple blue dress that made her blue eyes bluer, while the wind played with her light brown hair.
Instead of her usual Venti nonfat milk Cafe Latte with only 170 calories…Lisa decided to go for a Venti Peppermint Hot Chocolate, 460 calories, to bring her last night’s dreams back.  Palms are not Cocoa Trees and Peppermint is not the Sea, but it is fresh, so…who knows?  Maybe she could keep the feeling all day long.
Not that Lisa remembered what she dreamed about, it was just that Bed was, more than ever, feeling like paradise; and coffee…coffee made her mind wake up and Lisa didn’t want to wake up.
Not today.
Today should be a good day.
Today was…her Birthday.
People should not work on their Birthdays; so, no regrets about the hot chocolate.  No regrets about being late.  The only regret she had was about not being able to stay longer in bed.
There was no family there to call her; Lisa was an orphan.
Being an orphan with not many friends, she invested her time in her career.
Maybe all this family stuff is overrated, Lisa thought, trying not to feel sad about it, that there was never a mother or sister to call her on her Birthday.  After work she could just hang around the city and read a book.  Buy a cake for herself and watch something on the TV.   Maybe a present?  She had passed a shop on another day with Anita, a colleague from work, and saw a wonderful Red Purse.
Yes, Lisa was this kind of person who, as sad as it is, buys Birthday presents for themselves, because otherwise no one else would do it, and that would be really sad.
It was not selfishness; it was more a kind of self-recognition, of her own value.  Or, a way not to fall into sadness and depression, thinking about family stuff.
Sometimes…sometimes it was an excuse to buy what she wanted, without feeling guilty about it, in case of expensive things.  Not that she needed an excuse, but, as an orphan, she needed to give more of an explanation to herself about why she did things.  Life made her become her own parents and she was hard on herself.
Yes, it was sad.  But, maybe one day there would be someone to buy her a Birthday cake or a Birthday present.
Lisa entered the laboratory, more distracted than usual, and almost dropped her hot chocolate over her colleague Anita.
Working together for over a year, Lisa and her small team had become more than just colleagues; they were moved by the same passion and ideals.

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