Sunday, February 25, 2007


just a messenger...
desert island - Faro, Portugal

In the begin of the new chinese year, a messenger was there... after walking from the horizon to the beach, a star helped to find the place,
a flower tea, to speak and a painting, to tell a tale about love..."

thanks, specially for Allan Wills, that recieved my gift and came to Portugal to find magic,history and cultur,

for Diana and Miguel my great assistants in this story
for Hotel Faro,,

for Ilha Deserta (tours),,

Café Puro,


where I could do the 3 surprises for Allan,
Miguel Baptista, Conceição Rosa, Pedro, Tiago, Hugo, Catia and all persons around me, helping to bring the reality so close to a dream.

detais and tale video 49

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