Friday, May 16, 2014

SG Suicide Game - new video made by Brian Craig

see also    SG - Suicide Game - ebook and book   and  SG - Suicide Game - Video

New Video - SG Suicide Game - new book by Haidji - video made by Brian Craig from 

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Mario Martinez said...

Ciao Haidji and greetings from California. I am a first time visitor. You have an awesome blog. I see you as a multi- dimension artist. Your creative heart presents through photos, clothing, words and design. It is dynamic and one never knows when you will surprise them through some new expression. Bravo, Haidji!
I also write a blog. Like you I share a love for doing art through photos, music, words, and paintings. However, I only do so informally for a small circle. My blog is about food adventures but I share my reflections on life and love. Please visit. Maybe follow. That would be cool.