Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interview - 20 Questions with Haidji

If you like to know more about me and my work...

Interview - 20 Questions with Haidji

This interview is with author, Haidji, author of the SG- SUICIDE GAME (and many more)

Published 2013! 

So, hi to Haidji! What first inspired you to begin writing? I write almost all the time, or I paint, what is just another way to write stories.
Everything inspires me, but inspiration can come from a certain moment, a dream, an idea, 
inspiration do not comes always from the same source, but it is always there.

Wow! Do you have anyone in your life who inspired you the most to write your stories? No.

Why SG-Suicide games? Was it always something you wanted to write? ....

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