Thursday, July 04, 2013

Just...Feel - Solamente...senti

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Solamente ...Senti

Was something I have never done before
glauben oder vertrauen?
In the moment I could let me go without to think about
Non pensa...solamente senti
The moment I couldn't hear the words of a voice I didn't knew
apenas fizeste sorrir num dia nublado
And all I wanted to do was to speak to you
warum nicht einfach fuehlen?...solamente...senti

I don't remember the half of the words I said
gehen oder bleiben?
And after a while,I thought...what I'm doing here?
qualcosa strana dentro di me
Should I stay or go, speak or leave?
tantas coisas perguntas, tão poucas dizes
And all I could do was...stay...before the silence came
che pensa? ...solamente...senti

And the mind started to work again,taking me out of dreams
was tue Ich hier?Kannst du wirklich Haende lesen?
Speaking so many words, saying nothing about yourself
non si bacia qualcuno tanto presto...scusa
And the silence came, to wake the mind up
andas sempre por aí a seguir pessoas?
In a kind of dream where the language don't exist
palavras pouco dizem sobre alguém...nom pensa...solamente ...senti.
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Anonymous said...

E quantos idiomas são afinal necessários para provar a universalidade da Ternura, do Amor, da Emoção?