Monday, December 07, 2015

ECC Summit in Cascais

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Some days offer you a good reason to wake up early, drink a coffee, tea (or two coffees) to wake up your brain and feel happy, even before thinking if it will be a sunny or a rainy day.

This was one of these days.

One of these days you wait for, preparing yourself as would it be the first day at a new school, or as would you be back in college for awhile.  Or, if you went to a Marcus Evans Summit already, you just feel thirsty for new knowledge to increase and improve your already-existing brain files with important new aspects of your work field.

To increase the good atmosphere, it was a sunny day at Grande Hotel Villa Italia in Cascais, Portugal.

It was Summit Day.

The European Corporate Counsel & IP Law Summit 2015 was held in Cascais, Portugal on November 23 and 24, 2015.
By Marcus Evans - A global, multi-faceted media, corporate marketing and information company, employing 3000 professionals in 59 worldwide locations.

I attended the Corporate Counsel track, which offered world-class briefings on issues of interest to corporate counsel, including current “hot topics” such as data protection and compliance.

The structured presentations were very informative, led by top-flight corporate counsel who ensured there was ample time for questions and discussion.

Of equally high value were the networking opportunities.  These were facilitated by one-on-one meetings with service providers, in a very collegial atmosphere, and by unstructured time in which people could meet informally, identify common interests and arrange for follow-up steps.

The Marcus Evans’ staff was very professional and attentive and, importantly, excellent time managers, ensuring all the events ran in accordance with the schedule.

Tea, Coffee and perfect sandwiches and snacks were on offer throughout the day (they remembered to feed vegetarians too.)
Lunch and Dinner were perfect, providing the necessary support for your brain to remain attentive during the Summit.

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The next Summit will be in Spring 2016

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