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The Last to Go - Haidji - Short Story

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The Last to Go

The smell of snow was in the air and the trail was empty.  Almost everyone else had rushed off of the mountain as the blizzard started a few hours ago.
A group of late kids passed by Anik, skiing out of the Mountain, giggling, as would the blizzard have never been happening.  
Snow was still falling, being mixed by the wind, covering the marks of not-so-old ski tracks, as would no one have ever been there.  Silence.  Human absence; silence.  
Silence while Anik was skiing out of the Mountain, at the end of an intense day on the Mountain.
The wind and the falling snow were replacing laughter and conversations from a few hours before.  Until the wind silenced too, to give space for the sunset over the Mountain.
When everyone else is gone and the sun still shines over the snow,
Peace can finally arrive on the Mountain.


A few hours ago, Anik was skiing through the blizzard.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, Anik crashed on the fresh snow.
There must have been something she did not see under the snow. Something that made her fall like the Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing, with open legs and open arms, but instead of falling on her back and facing the sky, she fell with her face into the snow.  Almost buried under the snow.
Her skis did not come off.  The snow was soft, but due to the position in which she fell, she couldn’t move her legs or body.
Still holding her ski poles, she managed to move her arms parallel over her head and stick the poles in the snow, trying to stand up, while new snow kept falling all over her.
Anik could not let the poles out of her hands, otherwise she would lose them in the almost 50cm depth of new snow around her, never to find them again. She focused on holding the poles tight while she tried to put her weight on the poles and stand up, only to just fall again into the same position.
Several times, again and again, Anik tried to stand up, only to fall again with her face against the snow, always in the same position.

She could not move her legs.  She could not move anything but her head and arms, due to the position in which she had fallen on the snow.
“I will not make it.  It is impossible.”
The trail was empty; only a few skiers passing far away, but they could not see her.  No helping hand.  A couple of snowboarders passing closer to her had not seen her either; maybe it wasn’t a good idea to wear white ski gear, so cool it looks…  As she thought about whether to scream for help, they were already too far away.

After trying and falling once more, Anik fell with her face against the snow again, then opened her arms and decided to stay there, hug the Mountain, close her eyes and wait. Wait until her strength would come again, or wait until someone could find her.  “Ok Mountain, do what you want, I give up.  I’m yours now.  I will hug you and wait.”
Wait, until desperation could be gone.

Time would pass by and Inuit, her husband, would be waiting for her at the end of the ski-out.  At the base of the Mountain, like every day.
They used to meet for a tea at lunchtime, what had not happened on the last days, for one or another reason.  Anik liked to ski with him sometimes, but she liked to ski alone, too; she could not understand the rush, the competition, and the lack of time to stop and taste the snow, to contemplate and feel the Mountain.

“Now, I have lots of snow to taste.”  In the middle of the despair of being alone with no possibility to stand up she laughed, thinking about all the snow around and over her.

Maybe Inuit would notice her absence and look for her, before the end of the day.


Inuit was skiing fast through the blizzard, going out of the Mountain. He was looking for Anik, but hadn’t seen her on the way.   They hadn’t met for a tea, so he did not know where she was skiing on this day. Even if he wanted to, he did not know where to look for her.  With no idea where to look for her, all he could do was to wait for her at the end of the ski-out.


For Anik all was peaceful now, the peace of the mountain, as would the Mountain be falling asleep after an exhausting day, covering the trails with fresh snow, as would no one ever have been there before.
Many people like to be the first to arrive.
Anik liked to be the last to go out of the Mountain.  She did not care about being the first, but she cared about to enjoy the place.  She was almost falling asleep on the snow, as would the snow be a warm blanket filled with nice dreams, as she could feel a kind of push inside of her thoughts. 
“Try again, one time more.”
Anik tried once more, without believing that she could do it.  As already expected, she fell again…


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