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The Lost Little Star - Haidji - Short Story - Excerpt

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The Lost Little Star 

Anne Marie opened her eyes...
She was just a pinprick of light in the distant universe...
Feeling like a small star lost in the universe, she opened her eyes and looked around her.  Everything was so darn dark that she saw nothing, not even her own light.
Anne Marie was scared, closing and opening her eyes, trying to see something.
Of course she could not see anything because she was blinking very fast, opening and closing her eyes, trying to see something.
Anne Marie decided to sleep for a while.  Who knows?  Maybe there would be some light to be seen inside of her dreams.
Anne Marie dreamed of a blue planet, where a couple of humans were discussing things so loudly that she woke up scared.
“I’m lost!  I will probably fall into a black hole!  I will never make it if they don’t stop arguing about all and nothing!”
Two tears then fell from her eyes, turning into small meteorites.
Anne Marie decided to keep her eyes wide open.  No more bad dreams, no more hearing discussions.
Gradually her eyes became accustomed to darkness.  She began to see other points of light.  Other tiny stars like her, lots of tiny stars.
“Who are you?” asked a speck of light, as it approached her.
“I'm Anne Marie, and who are you?” she replied.
“I'm John, I am here waiting for the comet that will give me a ride up to the Earth.  The comet is almost coming…”
“I would like to take the ride too”, said Anne Marie, “But I’m worried that on Earth they might fight a lot and they don’t even know why.  I don’t want to go if they keep arguing about all and nothing.  I will stay here and get lost, wandering across the Universe.”
John, who was smart, had an Idea.  “We should go and find the Angel of Reconciliation, he will know how to help you.”
“But you will miss your ride!  They are probably already waiting for you!” said Anne Marie.
“It is ok.  I can take the next comet.”
Far away from there, in the world of human beings, also called “Earth”, Marion sighed, exhausted.  “Paul…again?”  She had already given the baby a name; it was a boy and she called the baby Paul.
It was already the second time that she went to the hospital and then the baby contractions stopped suddenly.  Her belly was already so big that she could not even walk.  She called her husband to pick her up.
“False alarm again, Josh…”
Paul took Anne Marie through the meteorites’ path.  They had to go slowly, very carefully, because the meteorites were flowing all over, from one side to another.
Anne Marie knew that the meteorites are stars’ tears, many times falling from stars that ended up not making their full life trips, falling instead into black holes.  Their tears were all that remained from their existence, because no one knows what happens to the stars inside of black holes.
Anne Marie saw her own tears on the Path and got scared about it.  “Will this be all that will be left of me if they don’t stop fighting?”
Anne Marie and Paul left the meteorites’ path and did not see the Angel, because it was foggy.  All was white.
Paul knew that the Angel should be there, and did not understand why everything was so foggy.
“Where is the Angel?” asked Anne Marie.
“I don’t know.  He should be right here”, said Paul.
They heard a very strong and loud laugh and the fog felt like it was shaking around them.  The Angel had grown.  The fog was part of the Angel itself.
Angels can change their sizes when they want.  Anne Marie and Paul were inside of the Angel and did not realize it.
Still laughing, the Angel decreased in size, so that they could see it, and they then saw clearly the Angel of Reconciliation, surrounded by a starry sky.
Paul explained, just as kids explain things:
“They discuss too much, Anne Marie cries and doesn’t want to take the ride with the comet.  What can we do?”
Angels hear the souls and feelings beyond words, so the Angel understood it.
The Angel of Reconciliation floated from left to right and then from right to left, as would the Angel be thinking about something, or mixing some thoughts.  After awhile, the Angel approached Anne Marie and whispered some words inside her ear.  Then he stepped back again and said to both:

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