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The Lake Girl - Short Story - Excerpt - Haidji

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New Short Story

The Lake Girl 

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The Lake Girl 

Not blonde, not dark hair, not even red hair.
Not tall, not short.
Not fat, nor skinny.
An average girl, she thought.

Lisa didn’t really want to leave the house this morning.
Her jeans were not the fashionable ones and her friends…were they really “friends”?  And her actual best friend Kelly…was she really a best friend?
The girls liked to brush each other’s hair at school, and do girls’ things together.  Girls’ things, like to go together to the bathroom, because that is the best place to speak, undisturbed, about life.  Something that boys will never understand.  Just girls’ things.

Lisa was too shy to speak too much.
She would never understand that “blonde” thing.
Aren’t we all beautiful?
Should she paint her hair?
Red, blonde or black?
Would her life be better then?
Or was this just another teenager crisis, when we don’t like the way we look in the mirror, no matter what time it is, seeing always the same boring, faded-away image of ourselves?

Sometimes she forced herself to go to school…
School was sometimes her refuge and sometimes she felt like a slave, taken from her home and forced into slavery, separated from her dreams for several hours every day.  Counting the years to finish high school. Modern Brain Slavery = School.
“Work brain, work, if you like it or not, you need to work now, 8 hours in a row.  Under the torture of boringness, stay awake and work, even if you were up until 3am, jumping between Whatsapp and Snapchat.”

Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to spend the day by the swimming pool?
But other times, she could plunge into the lesson and discover a new beautiful world, feeling herself falling into the teacher’s voice, entering a new world.
A completely beautiful new world.

For her, everyone was beautiful.
Everyone but herself.  
Of course, there was a boy she liked.
But she could not speak to him.
She smiled, he smiled back.
He smiled, she smiled back.
Again and again.
Freddy.  Blonde.  Blue eyes, charming smile.

The smiling-back game was happening since two months ago, but with no step forward.
Worst than that, her “Best friend” became a friend of his, and would spend long times speaking to him.
Kelly, a skinny blonde girl.
She knew that boys used to bet on who would be Kelly’s next boyfriend(s).  It was like a trophy, and a recognition to be cool, to be seen with Kelly.
Kelly was the kind of girl that could have two boyfriends at the same time and no one would care, because she was…hot.  Boys were happy to have “half of Kelly’s” or even “part of Kelly’s” time.  Or “Kelly for a while.”
Or “Kelly on their list.”

The only problem was that most of the boys were so broken after Kelly left them that it took awhile for them to believe in love again.  Or maybe they were all just idiots.  Or too na├»ve, because they believed that they could fulfill all the attention that Kelly needed.

Lisa never had a boyfriend.
Was Kelly planning to have a third one?
Kelly, please… not Freddy!
This was not fair.  Kelly knew that she liked him.
Lisa liked Kelly, it was impossible not to like her.
Kelly was so unconscious about life and so fragile, needy and warm-hearted that it was impossible not to fall under her charm.  She wasn’t an evil person…
She was just…Kelly.

But please, Kelly, not Freddy, don’t destroy him too!

That was all inside of Lisa’s mind, before going to school this morning.

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