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Pipo - Haidji - Short Story

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Luciana woke up later than usual this morning; she could not sleep much due to the tempest outside, with the lighting, thunder and wind-symphony invading her dreams, waking her up.
The sun was already almost in the middle of the sky as Luciana walked out of the house.  Finally outside, she took a deep breath, still tired from her lack of sleep and took her sandals off to walk barefoot over the green leaves.  It was a hot day after an unusual tempest.
The wind must have been very strong the night before.  There were green leaves all over the place, shadowing one another.  Like small mosaic pieces playing with different hues of green and grey, creating images over the grass.
Luciana jumped over the images, trying to figure out from which tree the leaves came from.  They seemed to be fig tree leaves, but there were no fig trees around; so, the wind must have been very strong to carry them from far away.  Fresh fig trees leaves are not the lightest ones to carry away.
Between the figures created by the leaves, Luciana could see a different shade hue, a different shade of grey.  It was a bird.  An already fully feathered but still baby bird standing quietly on the ground, like a small sculpture between the leaves.
It was a small sparrow, a passer.  Probably the bird fell out of its nest the night before, due to the tempest, being carried by the wind, rolling inside the big fig leaves, being protected by them.  Sparrow’s nests are not usually on fig trees, so the leaves must have caught the bird somewhere on the way.


It wasn’t the first bird Luciana found, and it would probably not be the last.  Luciana was only 14 years old but the number of birds she helped was already more than the candles she had on her last birthday cake.  From time to time she came across a fallen bird, fed it, taught it how to fly, holding it on her index finger, with its small feet around her finger, as would her finger be a branch of a tree.  Going down slowly with her hand, is how she taught it how to fly, seeing it moving its wings, until it could let go of her finger and fly.  Going back to the freedom of the world outside houses and usual human constructions.  Back into the nature.


It wasn’t the most colorful bird, either.  It was a grey sparrow.  Kind of plumb and round.  Cute.  Like a baby bird can be.
Luciana approached with her hand slowly and took the bird off the ground; with no nest around, this bird must have rolled a long way inside of the leaves to stop there.  It was alive but quiet and did not try to run away or escape from her hand.  Luciana brought the bird inside and gave it some bread crumbs dipped in milk, with tweezers.
There was no wildlife center or veterinarian around.  But Luciana already had experience saving lost baby birds and bringing them back to freedom again. 
She knew that a baby bird aged like this one needs food every 45 minutes, all day long.  So long as the sun was in the sky, she spent her day taking care of and feeding the bird, whom she called Pipo.
Pipo seemed to be round and healthy at first sight but even eating, it was too quiet for a hungry baby bird.  Luciana noted some blood spots on Pipo’s body.  Like holes with white circles surrounded by a red line of blood.
Looking closer, Luciana saw the larvae.  Several blood spots showing that the bird was full with larvae from the Dermatobia Hominis, commonly known as American warble fly.  Probably 5 or 6 of them in the small bird’s body.


Female flies lay eggs in the nests of birds and the larvae live within the nesting material, feeding intermittently on the blood of nestlings, finding the way to enter under their skin, to feed on the living tissue of the host.


Carefully, Luciana made some Vaseline over the...

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